About Us

Who is behind Whacky Food?

Whacky Food, that’s us – Peter Stiller (right) and Daniel Stadtmann (left).

Peter is a serial entrepreneur and has, among other things, set up the company Bonnyprints for Rocket Internet. With Whacky's Power Snacks, he now combines his passion as an athlete and hobby cook . What Peter particularly appreciates about the delicious boiled peanuts is that they are a tasty and natural source of protein .

Daniel comes from a background in product management, marketing and sales at companies such as TomTom , Garmin, Anki and Logitech . Like Peter, Daniel, as a foodie and athlete, also appreciates the good nutritional value of boiled peanuts in the form of the Nutri-Score's A and B. Above all, he no longer feels guilty when he snacks on a whole bag after a round of racing bike riding.

The fact that we make Whacky Food together has something to do with courage and a love of good and, above all, healthy food . But also the coincidence that Boiled Peanuts came into our lives at the same time - and cast their crunchy spell over us forever.

Behind Whacky Food are us, our families , our investors, as well as a lot of partners and other great people who make this crazy start-up possible.

Without you, none of this would be possible. So thank you for revolutionizing the snack market with us.

What does "Whacky" mean?

"Wacky" or "whacky" comes from English and means something like "absurd" or "amusingly eccentric" - a little crazy. Just like us. 🤪

Why "Whacky Food"?

We are rethinking food - delicious, unconventional, sustainable and unique in taste. A pinch of craziness and the courage to come up with special ideas helps. There are already enough sugary energy drinks, sustainable chocolate and roasted peanuts. The country needs whacky food.

What does Whacky Food want?

We offer natural and sustainable snacks that are healthy and taste delicious. At any moment. Any place. Any time. Any way.

Our PWR snacks…

...are vegan, nutritious and the perfect companion for healthy MiMas (mini meals).

...can be used as a versatile snack and can inspire new recipes and ideas.

...have a low water footprint, carbon footprint and are made in Germany. So you can enjoy them bite by bite without any guilt.