Boiled peanuts with salt

Preparation 10 mins
Cooking 3 hours
Gekochte Erdnüsse mit Salz

Boiled peanuts with salt



Raw Peeled Jumbo sized peanuts with the skin off

300 grams


1 Liter


1 tbsp (tablespoon)

Time to prepare

Preparation 10 mins
Cooking 3 hours

Boiled peanuts are easy to make yourself. All you need are a few ingredients and time. In this recipe we show you how to make boiled peanuts with salt yourself.


Place the water and peanuts in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Cover the pan with a heavy lid and heat over high heat until the water boils.

Then reduce the heat to medium so that the peanuts simmer gently. After 30 minutes you can add the sea salt. Cover the pot again and let the peanuts continue to simmer. During the cooking process it is important to stir the peanuts regularly so that they cook evenly. If necessary you have to add a little more water during the cooking process so that the cooking process is not interrupted.

The peanuts will take about 3 hours to soften. Check the consistency of your peanuts during cooking to make sure they are not too soft.

Once the peanuts have reached the desired consistency, you can remove them from the heat and strain them through a sieve. After a few minutes, they will have cooled down and can be enjoyed immediately.

Enjoy your meal!

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