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Why Boiled Peanuts?

Time to take your food to the next level!

Today's life is more colorful than it used to be. This is also reflected in our eating habits. Just breakfast, lunch and dinner are a thing of the past, today is the time for snacks. Healthy, super tasty and made for your lifestyle.

With our products, we do offer you the opportunity to make your snack time more special, varied and healthier. Whacky is simply different from anything else you know.

Whether in the morning, in the afternoon during a short break, in the evening with family and friends - our products are conscious enjoyment without compromise. Fewer calories than conventional options, with good nutritional value and full of essential nutrients. Ideal as a topping, side dish, ingredient or for in-between meals - get to know your new companions now and be inspired by our Whacky recipes .

Whacky recipes for the conscious in-between-snack

Life is too short for unhealthy snacks. Our recipes inspire you to try new things, experiment and snack healthily and deliciously. Curious? Try it now.

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