Eating together is good for us!

Gemeinsam essen tut uns gut!

Eating together is good for us!

Five reasons why eating together is so valuable to us!

1) We strengthen social ties: When we eat, we share not only food, but also stories, experiences and laughter. This strengthens our relationships and allows us to get to know each other better. This applies at home as well as when we exchange ideas with colleagues in the office.

2) Cultural exchange: Food is a cultural bridge. By trying different dishes, we open our horizons and learn about the diversity of our world.

3) Health benefits: Eating together promotes more mindful eating. We tend to eat more slowly and be more conscious of our food intake, which can help us avoid overeating.

4) Stress relief: Eating in company can reduce stress. It is an opportunity to leave everyday life behind and enjoy the moment.

5) Knowledge exchange: Discussions around the dinner table are often stimulating and educational. It is the perfect place to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

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